San Antonio’s West End

Local authorities in San Antonio Ibiza, have angered many businessmen in the West End zone of the popular resort, by reducing their opening times by one hour. A new by law, passed recently, will close all bars in the West End at 5am, previously, doors had to close at 6am. Bar owners are understandably upset, at loosing a prime hour from each night, which equates to 130 hours, over the short summer season. Strangely, Clubs and bars outside of the West End zone, will be permitted to open to 6am. In another blow to the West End concept, all outside music will have to stop at midnight and continue indoors. It will not be permitted to start again until 4pm the following day.

The move is seen as a further indication of the local councils determination, to clean up the image of San Antonio, particularly the West End. The owners of the bars affected by the new law, claim that its introduction, is designed to protect the big clubs, who are loosing customers to the free parties and cheap alcohol available in the West End. In recent years and driven by the recession, many young people were staying in the Neon Lit West End area of San Antonio, as it provided a cheaper alternative to the clubs. Bars such as Hush, Ship Inn, Tropi Bar and Soul City, among others, were providing a good value option to holidaymakers who did not want to pay Club prices to party. While there may be an element of truth on both sides of the story, the West End, has been living on borrowed time for a number of years now.

The infamous Ibiza Uncovered series, was shot primarily in the West End and it portrayed a negative and unbalanced image of Ibiza. Its a relic of times past and while an enjoyable experience for a certain age group, it does need to be re-evaluated by the local community, as to its prospects going forward.Prostitution,muggings, drug dealing, and anti-social behaviour, were associated with the area for many years and its these underlying problems, that in my opinion, have resulted in the action been taken by the local council. The new law will damage businesses in the area, to what extent, we will not know until the end of the season. One thing for sure, is that the clock is ticking for the West End and we may be witnessing the beginning of the end, in its current guise.