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Demand For Boat Captains and Luxury Villas In Ibiza Surges

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Written by Dan Kirwan

While the island of Ibiza basks in the glory of a clubber free season, some sectors of the tourism industry are working flat out to keep up with demand. The Ibicencos love the sea, especially its tasty produce which is the mainstay of their diet. In Ibiza, ownership of a boat is a symbol of success, independence and freedom. It’s an expensive hobby, repair, maintenance and mooring fees around any of the Ibiza harbors are not for the fainthearted or those with champagne tastes and lemonade pockets.

The luxury boat and yacht rental sector in Ibiza is busier than a free Solomun party at Pacha these days with local companies sending out an S.O.S call for any licenced boats with Captains to make their way to Ibiza this summer as they have a waiting list of clients wanting to rent Boats with Captains to sail the beautiful waters around Ibiza and Formentera.

Right now demand is outstripping the reduced supply, especially in the restaurant and car hire business, with long queues being reported daily outside popular haunts as tourists take the opportunity to explore and visit the real Ibiza which in August, is normally hidden behind the loud thumping bass of clubland which has been forced to take a Covid19 break this summer. So are we beginning to witness the dawn of a new era for Ibiza tourism?

Yes indeed I feel so, as Ibiza moves to the next stage of its Pretty Woman transformation which all started back in 2012 with the arrival of a number of Spanish and international brands to Ibiza, which started to buy up old hotels and family businesses re branding the venues with multi million euro refurbishments. Ushuaia Beach Club, CBCB in Cala Bassa, Hard Rock Hotel in PDB, Nikki Beach in S’argamassa and Robert De Niro’s NoBu Hotel in Talamanca, being some of the notable acquisitions.

Old and iconic Ibiza institutions like Space, Pacha and large swathes of virgin land on the west coast of the island near Cala Comte, were purchased by blue chip investment companies and private individuals like the Ruben Brothers one of the wealthiest families in Britain. The Dutch quickly developed a penchant for property in Ibiza after a popular TV Show in Holland prompted many to purchase property in Ibiza taking over from the Germans as the new wave of property developers on the island. Currently old hotels are in high demand by investment companies funded through Switzerland which is the surprise guest on the Ibiza scene this season.

The Swiss are the surprise guests on the scene this season

When the Swiss show up in town there’s usually a platinum or gilt edged reason to do so and the North of the island is where the latest building and regenerative projects are quietly progressing, with one consortium building on the site of an old burial ground abandoned by its previous developers.

The wealthy, celebrity and VIP crowds love to travel around the islands by boat and if you really want to understand Ibiza, her culture and true personality, then a nautical view is a bucket list requirement for any Balearic aficionado.

Demand is also buyoant for the luxury villa rental sector with August sold out many times over for the high end villa properties on the island with well healed clients and sports stars from Madrid and Barcelona. Ibiza is definatly turning more Spanish friendly and the King makes a rare Holiday appearance on the island this weekend.  

All fresco, nautical themed sporting activities, combined with a healthy and flexitarian lifestyle

is the direction I feel Ibiza Tourism is sailing in right now, but will it have room for the party scene going forward? Yes, I think so, but not in its traditional format that Generation X and The Millennials have become accustomed to. With many financial experts warning of a stormy recession on its way, Ibiza, similar to the last recession back in 2008, is wisely setting sail for the safe and sheltered harbours of the resilliant luxury market.

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