Defected Rumoured For Ushuaia Ibiza 2024 Residency.

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One of the longest-running parties in Ibiza, the classic house party Defected, which has been resident at San Antonio club Eden, is rumoured to move to daytime beach venue Ushuaia for the Ibiza 2024 season. In recent weeks much speculation has surrounded the classic house party and its future at Eden with the dogs in the street barking it was to end its four-year residency at the Dutch-owned club. While sources close to Defected and Eden moved to dampen the speculation, the blog understands, that a weekday move to Ushuaia, is now the most likely scenario at play.

Defected lost the services of its founder, Simon Dunmore when he stood down as CEO in 2022 to be replaced by the label’s former MD, Wez Saunders, who held ambitious plans for its future direction. In 2013 after departing Pacha, the blog predicted that Defected would be best advised to move to San Antonio after a residency at the ill-fated Booom project. It was a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire when Defected left Amnesia for Croatia in 2016 before returning to Ibiza and Eden in 2017. It found a welcoming and receptive UK audience at Eden and soon became San Antonios’ number one party, succeeding Judge Jules’s iconic Judgement Sundays.

The security and success that Eden provided Defected were badly needed at the time as the brand was somewhat ragged when it returned from Croatia after missing a season on the island. However, its sister party, the gay-friendly Glitterbox was a revelation at Hi after replacing Cream on Sunday nights at the award-winning club in 2019. That relationship with Ushuaia Entertainment, the company that manages the nightclub activities of the successful Matutes/Pissenem partnership is understood to have fostered the rumoured move of Defected to Ushuaia next summer. 

Defected Ibiza Summer 2024

While there has been no official confirmation from Eden or Defected on its plans for Ibiza 2024, it will be a bitter pill for Eden to swallow losing its flagship party to a competitor. In the biblical story, it was Eve, tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit, that led to both herself and Adam being banished from the Garden of Eden. On an island full of desires and pleasures one is reminded of the old saying “ In all temptations, let us consider not what he offers, but what we shall lose’.

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