Simon Dunmore Defected Records.

The Defected House party, which announced late last year, that it was departing Pacha, after a seven year residency at Ibiza’s premier club, is rumoured to be heading to Danny Whittles new location at the ex Heaven club for 2013. Simon Dunmore, the founder of Defected in 1999, had recently commented on Twitter, about the clubs plans for Ibiza 2013 and rumours soon developed, that the party was moving to Space. However, Dunmore seemed to discount the Space rumour by stating on Twitter “Dont You just love rumours…they make life so interesting”. Informed industry sources on the Island now suggest, that Defected, will collaborate with Danny Whittles new club at Heaven, if and when, the project ever gets off the ground.

In November, the blog ran a popular story on Danny Whittles and Giuseppe Ciprianis proposed new business venture to open the old Penelopes club, in competition, to its near neighbour Pacha. Whittle subsequently informed the blog, that the move was in no way intended to hurt Pacha, but recent developments suggest, that Pacha view it from a differing perspective and do not intend rolling out the red carpet to greet their new neighbours. In Ibiza, there is a clear separation between business and friendship and all is deemed fair in love and war. As a business, Pacha will understandably protect its own interests and those interests, one would logically assume, may be best served by Penelopes remaining closed, just as it has been for the last five years.

It is located right next door to a residential complex of apartments, so licencing and political problems have always restricted the venues viability. It will be considered quiet an achievement by the new business venture to both gain a licence and beat Pacha at its own game on home ground. Its a challenge that will undoubtedly drive the people behind the venture to succeed and as with all things in life, healthy competition raises the bar for all to improve on their product and experience. It will be good news for the ordainery punter to have such keen competition in the market as it will offer choice and value especially with such respected labels as Defected connected. The blog will keep readers updated on this developing story as it happens.