Ibiza Snow Falls in July @FMIF

One thing that you can say about David and Cathy Guetta; they know how to put on a show. Musically David Guetta is happy to play a party set to his loyal crowd of fans and make no mistake, Guetta has quiet a following on the island of Ibiza. In fact, he is treated like celebrity and its easy to see why he is the Worlds No1 celebrity DJ. Guetta has a presence about him and this is what his fans like. To watch him work the crowd and build the atmosphere, is the work of a true professional at the peak of his career. No other DJ connects with his crowd better than Guetta, its as if he can build a bridge to each person and deliver to them a fun and happy experience, perfect for a holiday crowd like Ibiza. At Ushuaia, the slick production really lends itself to the FMIF experience and the open air setting, combined with a large stage area, plays more to the strengths of the party’s concept which is a fun, glamours and enjoyable one.

Loyal Fans Hail King Guetta

Guetta has created quite a niche for himself and the hit making king of commercial house is always relied upon to produce the goods. You always know what you are going to get with Guetta and that’s part of the success of his FMIF party. A fun, mixed and cosmopolitan crowd, who enjoy music that they know. Guetta fans are not electronic purists, they like party music with catchy vocals and beat which they can have a good time dancing to. Guetta opened his Ushuaia set with Alice Deejays classic Better Off Alone and continued to drop hit after hit into his set. The crowd really enjoyed it and when Cathy Guetta came onto to the stage with her dancers dressed in ski masks, black woolly caps and lycra she whipped up the crowd into a frenzy. The party was now on and the crowd loved it. Luminous sticks were thrown from the stage and everybody felt they were a part of the show. Classic French styling combined with a Moulin Rouge cabaret show then followed, as dancers in fake fur gyrated on stage to the sounds of commercial house. The Ushuaia stage production this year is impressive and both teams complimented each other greatly. In fact I would go so far to say that the stage and production was built for Guetta’s style of party.

Cathy Adds French Style To Ushuaia

The skiing theme of the party continued, when artificial snow was pumped from the cannons dotted around the stage. It was a cool effect which made the experience novel and creative. Snow in the middle of July in Ibiza?…..that’s thinking outside the box. Cathy Guetta came close to stealing the show here, as the stage brought out the performer in her. Not since the days of Mike and Claire’s Manimussion show at Privilege, have a husband and wife team controlled an Ibiza stage with such authority and confidence. As a DJ, Guetta needs to limit the annoying breaks in his set, as he turns down the music for the crowd to sing along to the lyrics. Apart from that I feel that the Guettas have it nailed from a performance and atmosphere viewpoint and that’s really what his fans go there for. This is not underground and you wont be shazaming any of the tunes he plays, but for an honest and fun party with lots of style and a cool mixed crowd of sexy girls and boys that like to dress up and show off, then the FMIF party at Ushuaia every Monday evening is one of the best of its kind.