The award winning Do Not Sleep party which will embark on a UK and European tour next month, is set to take over the iconic Space Terrace on Sundays, with the charismatic and talented Darius Syrossian on point. Rumours on the island are suggesting that Space has secured the sought after services of DNS, to replace Luciano, after a successful debut season in the Vista Room at Privilege. Word around the Ibiza campfires is that Syrossian will headline the party with a rotation of residents, rather than the three DJ format of last year. In a short space of time, the UK producer has become one of the most respected DJ’s on the island, due to his natural talent and independent personality, which is supported by a legion of followers on Twitter.

space newsletter_top_logoThe return of We Love to Space on Sundays, will be without the input of its original promoter Darren Hughes, who is expected to continue his version of We Love elsewhere after an unsuccessful residency at Sankeys. The “new” We Love at Space on Sundays, will firmly appeal to its traditional British market and feature artists and promoters popular on the UK scene. Darius will soon launch a London residency at 338 and is set for a number of Festival stages this summer. With Syrossian driving the atmosphere with his unique energy, it will be a fitting tribute to the iconic venue, to see a British crowd going off in a style reminiscent of the golden era of the legendary Space terrace.

Syrossian is at the forefront of a fresh wave of DJ Talent that is influencing a new generation of clubber in Ibiza. Very much grounded and directly engaged with their loyal fan base, these artists are growing their brand organically, rather than the manufactured image sold by certain “industry” types. Ibiza has always been about musical freedom and it is a welcome development to see artists like Maceo and Darius, lead the way and make decisions true to their own personal judgement. Its an exciting time for the island, which never fails to disappoint those who seek a path less trodden.