Space Ibiza Opening Party 

There are unusual and interesting developments emerging from Ibiza today, with regard to the Space Opening Party, which for many years, has taken place on the last Sunday of May. It is seen as the traditional start to the Ibiza summer clubbing season and is one of the best parties on the Worlds clubbing calender. The story broke this afternoon, on the popular Island website, Ibiza Spotlight, when they removed a post entered on January 8th, that Space was to hold its opening party on May 26th. In its place, Spotlight ran a news item that Space had requested them to “momentarily remove” the May 26th date from their party calender. It then surprisingly went on to state “it is at present unknown whether the famous event will take place on the initially announced 26th of May, or on the Sunday after that, on 2nd June

The normally attentive Forum administrators on Spotlight, have all gone into silent mode and have not commented on the situation, which would indicate that the issue is being treated seriously. While Ibiza Spotlight ran with a May 26th date, Space never publicly confirmed this on any of its social media platforms. The last official twitter statement by Space regarding their opening party was on January 7th last, when they tweeted “Cant wait for Space Ibiza Opening 2013! Less than 6 months…we will announce the date soon.” The following day, Ibiza Spotlight ran with the May 26th announcement after confirmation they say, came from Space.

Its a peculiar situation to read but the blog would think its most likely got a simple answer. Space have not 100% decided what date they will go with, as DJ availability and contracts have yet to be signed as its still  early in the year. While its 80% probability that Space will run with its traditional 26th of May date, there is a slight chance that they will consider a June 2nd Opening. Therefore, Spotlight are just covering their bets to be sure, that they wont be caught out with a wrong date. At this moment in time, only Space can confirm with authority when their Opening Party will take place, and the blog would advise readers to wait until that announcement is officially issued by Space.

UPDATE 25/1/13: Ibiza Spotlight re-confirm date but still,no official announcement from Space on its digital platforms. Full Ibiza Spotlight statement here here

UPDATE 25/1/13 Space confirm Opening Date