In what is sure to be very welcome news for the legions of its fans, the legendary Techno party, Cocoon, is set to return to Amnesia, its spiritual home since 1999.  In Ibiza right now, all the informed gossip suggests that Sven Vath will step back up onto his industrial alter at Amnesia on Monday’s, a night synonymous with quality Techno from one of the masters of its genre. The development comes in wake of the rumours that Marco Carola has left the building for Pacha, with its sister venue Destino been mentioned in dispatches. As the Carola rumour gathers pace, and without any official announcement from either Amnesia or Music On regarding its 2019 season, it’s looking increasingly likely that Carola is set to move, leaving a gaping hole on the Amnesia calendar that they urgently need to fill with quality fare.

It was a bold move by Amnesia back in 2015 to sign three Techno parties in one week, when Hyte joined the program on Wednesdays, a move that reportedly did not go down well with Carola and Vath and was one of the factors that may have led to the departure of Cocoon to Pacha, last year. We all make mistakes in life, and Sven Vath quickly realised that the cherry sweet surroundings of Pacha were not an organic fit for his industrial styled Techno, born on the streets of Frankfurt in 1996, light years away from the hippy roots of Pacha. In recent days, the Cocoon socials have been publishing Amnesia related content and indicating a return to Monday nights at the San Rafael club.  With no Carola and most importantly the lack of an established Techno party on their program, Sven Vath is sure to be feeling lots of love at Amnesia once again.

The club still retains the services of the trendy Do Not Sleep party alongside Elrow, which will now be viewed as its flagship party on Saturday nights – a distinct change of flavour at the club. Cocoon will bring much needed balance to its program and Svens sugar daddy affair with Pacha, will hopefully reinvigorate his brand in Ibiza and serve as a wake up call to fans of Balearic Techno, that if you don’t go and support endangered parties like Cocoon, they will be replaced by the pretentious fare that masquerades as “underground” music in Ibiza these days. We hope that Sven and Cocoon can live long and prosper on the island, and if you are around for the Cocoon Opening party back at Amnesia on its 20th Anniversary this summer, then be there for what is sure to be a magic night.