One of the main reasons for my love of Ibiza, is for its relaxing, laid back and chilled out vibe. The Island lends itself to an easy way of life, that is typically Spanish, but uniquely Ibicenco. There is a richness and quality present in Ibiza, a depth of layers that perminate into the Islands soul and personality. For over fifteen years, I have been returning to Ibiza to experience this quality, which in my opinion, is where the Islands true, simple and honest value lies. Thankfully, its something that cannot be developed, sold, traded or prostituted and this is probably the reason why its kept secret, as there is little corporate profit to be gained from it. A person does not have to be financially wealthy or well off to experience it, in fact people who are into material satisfaction are not usually attracted to it. They prefer the bling and VIP service their financial wealth affords them elsewhere on the Island.This leaves the space open to people who appreciate the simple things in life, nature, good company and true friendship of similar people, who occupy that space. Ibiza is not just about the Clubs, Superstar DJ’s, Parties, Music and corporate tourism, its also about quality of life outside of the lure of material gods.

I enjoy nothing more that to sit back and let the Island envelop me. A warm, rich and comforting feeling, that nourishes and recharges the soul. Like a personal security blanket, it wraps itself around you and brings you to a safe place free of harm. If this is the Ibiza that you seek then I can point you in the direction of where it resides, its up to each individual to find it for themselves as with Ibiza, its always a personal journey. From the smallest and most insignificant turning of a breeze, to a wondrous, visual panorama, of an orchestral sunset, playing out over the canvas skies; the real Ibiza can be found by those who seek it. It is not signposted and one cannot give directions to where it is. A person has to be able to make the connection first, after that, its a unique and individual journey to discover it. Look in places of solitude, nature and sunset. It is truly an individual connection, that must be made in the company of oneself, because only then, can your real personality shine through the walls of false pretense and image that life can erect around it.

A journey to Ibiza is such a substantial and rich experience. To fully understand the Island, needs a willingness to open the eyes and senses to what is around you. Ibiza still retains that powerful charm, a dual personality of its two most important Gods, the playfulness of Bez (who the Island is named after) and the Mother earthiness of Tanit. Whichever one you seek to discover, make sure to try and connect to Ibiza and find that special feeling for yourself. Its a journey not a destination. In the words of writer Pedro Zarraluki “ No traveller can say that the Island owes him anything, because he will never be sure that he has visited this land which ignores him”.
Ibiza Lights III from Jose A. Hervas on Vimeo.