Caron Wheeler performing ‘Keep on Movin‘ 

What an amazing, positive reaction CH4’s brand new House Party TV Show, received across twitter early this morning. The tweet machine went crazy, as the World was awakened to the early tweets, just after midnight, of “something huge” is happening on CH4 switch it on now! People who were wearily off to bed, rubbed their eyes and started dancing in their bedrooms, sitting rooms and sofas across Great Britain and Ireland. House Party then exploded across the internet, as it soon became an instant  trend Worldwide. Creative and artistic visuals, accompanied live DJ’s and cool vocalists performing in a studio, amid one the most stylishly designed sets ever assembled on TV. Like the bridge of a funky and musical Starship Enterprise, it held the nation awake until 6am with some fine artists performing. Annie Mac, Morillo, Grandmaster Flash, Atrack, Soul to Soul with Caron Wheeler, were just some of the highlights. The social media ladies were sexy and cool …..the new Carol Vordermans?? Expect to be hearing a lot more of Houseparty!! Hit the Road Jack was Soul II Souls signoff…..class!