CH4 House Party New Years Eve 11.45 – 6am

One of the breakthroughs, on the dance music visual landscape of recent years, was the Acme TV production, House Party, which aired on CH4, on August 24th last. It was a six hour audio visual treat, that came from the left field of TV music programming. It was a welcome burst of fresh air, to the current, tired and pedestrian format of dance music television. Since then, we have waited with bated breath, for news of its next broadcast. Thankfully, it is now set to return to our screens this New Years Eve, from 11.45pm right through to 6am. Guests will include, Annie Mac, Frankie Knuckles, Norman Jay, Hercules & Love Affair, Charlie Sloth and Toddla T. I am personally looking forward to Frankie Knuckles. Find below Frankie’s greatest contribution to House Music, the original, Your Love. Respect.

There have been many TV music programmes down through the decades, but the shows that made a difference, where the ones that were fresh and introduced a new format of delivering visual music into our homes. Programmes like the American Ed Sullivan Dance shows of the 50’s, Top Of The Pops in the 60’s, The Old Grey Whistle Test in the 70’s,  MTV in the 80’s, dedicated music channels in the 90’s, Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor of the naughties and now, as we await a nickname for this decade, House Party, may just be the new format that awaits the approval of a young, social media generation.

Expect social media platforms to once again explode, with tweets and news from the thousands of real house parties, running simultaneously with the broadcast across Great Britain and Ireland. House Party will be the first big trend of 2013 and the minxy studio girls, are sure to have their pretty hands full, handling the vast amount of tweets which will be aired live on screen. This time, people will be prepared for the show and will have digital sound systems hooked up to transmit the full effect of the music. Friends will be invited and stocks of alcohol and other treats replenished after the Christmas parties. The social media experiment with live DJ’s, will be one to keep a close eye on and this New Years Party, could be the show that puts House Party on the map. We wish the programme and all the people connected with it, the very best of luck and please keep up the good work.