Located in the North West of the Island, in a protected nature reserve, Benirras is home to the hippy population of Ibiza. The Ibiza “Family” are a diverse group and it is unfair to label them all as “Hippies”, but the majority of them practice, freedom, peace, love and respect for nature and its beauty. Many head to the north of the Island to disconnect from the commercial and corporate world, and the area around Benirras is home to many people of a similar “consciousness”  Every Sunday from 6pm onwards, they wander down to their local beach, to beat the drums to sunset. Its a special experience, that is well worth experiencing, as the whole event has a wild abandon about it as grandmothers and others come alive to its unique energy and dance to its primeval beat.

The Beach itself is not great, as its littered with cigarette buts and stones. There is heavy shingle as you walk into the water and I have stubbed many a big toe on the rocks there. One thing it does have, is breathtaking beauty, surrounded by pine trees and a fabulous vista out onto sea, where the rock know as “Gods Finger” protrudes from the water pointing towards the heavens. It was also one of the location shoots for the Kevin and Perry Go Large in Ibiza movie. There are a few restaurants, notably the fish specialist Restaurante 2000. It is very hard to reach and there are no public transport links or boat taxis, a car is essential. Parking is impossible during the busy summer months, so it is advisable to arrive early around 3pm and stay for the day.