Who is hiding behind the Pirate Mask?

In a suspicious and potentially embarrassing situation for new club Bomba, its landing page website has been Hi-jacked and its domain now points to rival club Pacha. A mischievous “hacker” with a caustic sense of humour, is a suspect for the crime, which occurs when a hacker gains access to the domain control panel of the website, changes its security settings and points the domain name in any direction he or she wants to. It’s an easy job to do, especially if the domain register contact details are public and the security and password settings are weak. It may prove a difficult process for Bomba to regain control of the domain name, as the hacker will have the administrative details in their possession. It’s an unfortunate prank that Bomba could well do without as it tries to launch its much anticipated club amid a sea of problems and setbacks. While the Club was rumoured to be opening next weekend, no news has been officially announced by Bomba with regard to an Opening date. Work at the club has been progressing to schedule and the timing of the Bomba website hack coincides with an imminent announcement of their schedules. While rival Club Pacha could be seen as a suspect in the hacking of the Bomba website, they have denied anything to do with it. Both Bomba and Pacha are now investigating the incident and an official statement from Bomba is expected soon. Rumoured schedules for the club are: Update Bomba website now live on .es domain address.
UPDATE Plot thickens for Bomba. Read more here
Monday- Eject with Cazzette 
Tuesday- Chaos Colors – with Behrouz and guests 
Wednesday– Sexy By Nature with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano 
Thursday- Circus – Yousef and guests 
Friday – Booom By Bomba 
Saturday – Defected in the House 
Sunday- Vagabundos with Luciano