Bomba Ibiza, Still an Artists Impression.

As we enter the month of May, there is still no word from Ibiza Town Council, as to the status of the Bomba Licence to open as a nightclub. As it stands, Bomba, does not have a licence and the building sits idle, awaiting refurbishment work to commence. With the Official Opening date of May 22nd, less than twenty days away, small doubts about Bomba opening on time, will begin to emerge, as each day passes. After a high profile press campaign, Bomba, has been conspicuous by its absence lately, with little, or no news, issued from management. From a social media aspect, the Bomba website is just a landing page, nothing has been posted on Facebook since April 20th and the last time the Bomba Twitter account tweeted any news of note, was April 11th. To date, no statement has been issued by Bomba with regard to any change or deferment of its Opening party. Defected Records, have officially announced their Opening party at Bomba for May 25th but unlike Bomba, Defected, has been active on its Social Media platforms in recent weeks.

With regard to the issuing of the licence, the local Mayor has stated, that if Bomba tries to open without the relevant authorisation, it will be closed down. The last minute objection and legal threat from an ex owner of the building, seems to have been taken seriously by Ibiza Town Council, as its now three weeks since the objection was lodged. With Bomba publicly stating that they would open on May 22nd, Ibiza Town Council, will be well aware of the time constraints that Bomba are under to open on time. To have a derelict club open, to the high specifications required of the luxury Cipraini Brand, in under 20 days, would be a considerable achievement by management. While not impossible, Bomba, would want the relevant authorization in place very soon, or else it will have to make an announcement, one way or another, as to its Opening Party plans.

Solomun@Pacha’s Free Party Series

Meanwhile, down the road at Bomba’s close neighbour, Pacha, life is much less complicated. Pacha have reported a great turnout for its free parties, with over 8000 people attending the Solomun, Chuckie and Guy Gerber gigs. Pacha, expect a full house for the last party in the series, John Digweed, on Friday May 17th. Since the Blog’s exclusive Pacha Interview, both Bomba and Pacha, have spoken publicly on the subject of Ibiza and the infamous New York Times article. Danny Whittle, did an interview for his admirers at Ibiza Spotlight and Steve Hulme of Pacha, interviewed for DMC World. Both men were at pains to point out, that there was no animosity between Pacha and Bomba and denied any conflict between the two rival brands. Personally, that’s a story I wont be buying, as certain people will not forget any time soon, the NYT article and its implications. As Bomba quietly awaits news of their licence application, we do hope that the Club receives a fair hearing and is granted permission to open this season, as freedom to express oneself, is an inherent attraction of Ibiza. The Blog will update once any official news is released.