American Diner for Yemanja.

The trendy and popular Blue Marlin beach restaurant and bar, located in Cala Jondal on the south coast of the island, has recently acquired the premises of its next door neighbour Yemanja. The news will come as a blow to many of the islands regular Chiringuito lovers, as the family managed Yemanja, was a popular and much loved venue which captured the real essence of Ibiza beach life. Founded in 1984 by the Ibicenco Riog family, Yemanja, was named after the African Goddess and protector of maritime sailors and fishermen. It was regarded as the antithesis of its neighbour Blue Marlin and that both existed together on the same stretch of pebbled beach, was a true testament to the unique personality of the island. The acquisition of Yemanja by Blue Marlin, will be viewed by many as a wake up call and a clear sign, that a wind of change is blowing on the small Mediterranean island.

In recent years Ibiza has emerged as a discreet playground for the rich and much of the disposable income of this new uber wealth is finding its way onto the island. The nouveau riche money, the bulk of it coming from eastern Europe, Russia and America, is now flooding into Ibiza where large cash transactions are commonplace. This is the allure of the island, a place were cash is king amid a non judgemental, discreet and question free environment. With many areas of Europe and America under the grip of recession, Ibiza is bucking that trend as new VRP (very rich people) establishments are opening to facilitate the market. The local Matutes family are well ahead of the game and are now into their fourth year in upgrading Playa Den Bossa into a five star resort. Ushuaia was their first project, followed by Ushuaia Tower and this year they will open Spain’s first Hard Rock Hotel outlet. In 2016 they have plans to re-develop Space Nightclub which they own.

Blue Marlin Style

The Pacha owned Lio restaurant, already caterers to a wealthy clientèle and it is regularly booked out. In the quiet centre of the island, Sacca, caters to a Russian market among others. Giuseppe Cipriani who owns the stylish and upmarket Downtown restaurant in the five star Ibiza Gran Hotel has plans to develop a VRP play den on a new site he purchased recently for €8.1million. Arab investment is another growing sector of the Ibiza economy and contrary to the Muslim stereotype, they know how to party in discreet style. American luxury lifestyle brand, Nikki Beach, opened in Ibiza last year and Blue Marlins new plans for Yemanja are rumoured to involve an American diner theme, to reflect the continents growing influence on the island. The loss of the real Ibicenco/Latino beach side vibe that Yemanja brought to the island is irreplaceable. Local Chiringuitos like Sa Trinxa, Jockey Club, Silla des Bosc and Sunset Ashram just to mention a few of the better known ones, are now becoming an endangered species as wealthy investors weigh up their potential as business ventures. Stay tuned as we hope to have more on this news story soon.

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