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Billboards Go Up On Ibiza 2021 Summer Season

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Written by Dan Kirwan 

While we all sit at home, the majority of us in some sort of Covid19 enforced Lockdown, our skin growing paler by the day and our minds fighting a battle with fear and uncertainty, a glimmer of hope has just appeared at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

Like a candle in the window, a beacon to tired and weary travellers, Ibiza has shone her light with the first real indication that the clubs intend to open next season after Hi Ibiza and Amnesia recently erected its Billboards for next year, a new dawn after clubs were forced to take them down this summer by the Balearic Government, 

A lot has been learned from the mistakes and uncertainty of this season, customer behaviour and attitudes have all changed and the industry faces a big challenge due to the rise of Social VR, which is looking to Ibiza for creative content and access to some of the biggest electronic names in the business. 


” I strongly believe we will see some of the best parties ever on the island next summer”

The two most influential clubs on the island, Amnesia and Hi, are now singing of the same hymn sheet, a unifying message that was conspicuous by its absence last summer, due to the selfish behaviour of the usual suspects in San Antonio, a group that controls over 300 “niche” Ibiza related social media accounts, directly influencing the UK market with fake news. The Balearic Government seems to have toned down its harsh attitude to the industry and recently announced its plans to pay for Covid19 tests for all tourists arriving at Ibiza airport next season. That combined with the groundbreaking scientific breakthrough by BioNTech, which aims to transform medicine, offers the best opportunity to rid humanity of the virus.   


A spokesperson for Amnesia, Neil Evans of Ibiza based promoters, Electric Ibiza, commented,  “We are being as positive as we can at the moment, we are booking and planning 2021 like any normal summer keeping a close eye on developments around vaccines and tests at airports so we can chart a safe return to normality.  The island badly needs some good news, after the winter I don’t think anyone wants a summer like 2020. There is one thing for sure, when we do come back the island will be ready to party and I strongly believe we will see some of the best parties ever on the island next summer”


While all of the clubs and media outlets will have their part to play, unity and a consistent, clear message from the island is what holidaymakers want to hear this winter and the organisation best equipped to lead the way in this department is Hi Ibiza, which is jointly owned by the Matutes family and Yann Pissenems The Night Leauge, who are embedded in Spanish politics and brand Ibiza on the dancefloor. They took the correct decision to remain closed this summer, protecting their brand and clients in the process and many will be following their lead this time around. 


While much can change in a short space of time, the island knows only too well that if it doesn’t open next season, it will sound the death knell for a number of the island’s clubs and all the jobs its supports. So while it may be dark and cold outside your window right now, and the World seems lost and confused, be reassured that when we come out of these challenging times, and we will, Ibiza and her warm Balearic embrase, will be waiting to dance with us again in the sunshine.  

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