Everywhere you looked, there was a party going on in Ibiza this year. Even the laid back and mucho tranquilo venue that is Hostal Mar Y Sal on Salinas beach was holding parties this summer, so once again an over-saturation of events that plays into the hands of the big boys. The new socialist friendly government, that rode into power earlier this year, has been clamping down hard on venues that do not have the proper licences and many events were cancelled due to the new brush sweeps clean, effect. Will it make a difference…..in my experience the island always finds a way to circumvent the rules, its part of the local culture. However, I digress, back to the task in hand and that is to nominate the Best Ibiza Party 2015 Award and the Best New Party Award. Here are my nominations for both, with the winners announced next Monday, October 19. Tomorrow we list the Best DJ followed by the Best Club award.

Best Ibiza Party 2015.

Music On – Amnesia
All credit to the talented Italian DJ, Marco Carolo, who once again packed them in all summer at Amnesia cementing his position as undisputed tech Champion when it comes to numbers. The Club will not want to loose this party next season, so Marco, will be the center of attention over the winter months for competing rivals Amnesia and Ushuaia, who is expected loose one of its big names overboard. A straight swap maybe?

Zoo Project Keeping It Real

Music Is The Revolution – Space
What can you say about the big man Carl Cox that hasn’t been said already. By light years, the most respected DJ on the island – because its all about the music for Coxy. In 2016 he will bring down the curtain on a distinguished residency at Space and it will be a lamented end of an era, when he finally hangs up his well trodden Ibiza residency boots.

Paradise – DC10 
Jamie Jones has been on point all season at DC10 packing in the crowds every Wednesday night, easily putting the rival Hyte party to the sword. Ibiza without DC10 and Jamie Jones, would be a poorer place and his nomination for Best Ibiza Party 2015 is well deserved and nearly an automatic selection every year.

Zoo Project – Gala Nite.
Burst out of the starting blocks and blazed a path out front without looking back to see what the others were doing. There is a growing authenticity about Zoo Project for the last number of seasons that lends the island the other dimension that makes it special. In the immortal words of Lou Reed, its always refreshing to Take A Walk On The Wild Side with Zoo Project. A well deserved nomination for keeping it real.

Best New Party Award.

Sunday Social – Veto Club
Only opened last season and is already making an impression with its free door policy and relaxed vibe where its all about the music and not the image. Afrojack on Sundays was the highlight at Veto Club this summer and this party created a buzz with many of the industry workers on the island. One for the notebook next year.

Sunday Social @ Veto Club Ibiza

Do Not Sleep – Vista Club.
Another popular party with the San An worker brigade, this Darius Syrossian led party was the one that kept Vista Club relevant this summer. A number of venues are reportedly looking to poach Do Not Sleep for Ibiza 2016 and the party looks set to have a bright future.

Life Or Death – DC 10
The perfect new addition for DC10 as it teased us with just a five week residency in July and August. It was the party that everybody in the know was talking about and all roads led to DC10 on Fridays. This party had it all, style, atmosphere and most importantly, a cutting edge tech soundtrack. Its hosts Karm and Matteo Milleri aka, Tale Of Us, are sure to be in big demand over the winter months, as clubs look to sign trendy tech parties and it will be very interesting to see what their next move is.

Paris By Night – Pure Pacha
Every season a party emerges that’s captures the zeitgeist of the holiday crowd, with its energy and fun atmosphere, and this summer that party belonged to Bob Sinclair and his flamboyant Paris By Night event at Pacha. A non pretentious, fun Saturday night party, that fits nicely into the Pacha program.