A trip to Ibiza is never the same without a jaunt down to Sallinas beach for a lazy lunch at Sa Trinxa and a dip in the sea. One of the best beaches on the island its long been a popular haunt of the locals especially at the weekends when its gets very full and parking can be hard to find. A place where I always visit on the trip back from the beach for a bite to eat is Bar San Francisco which is located overlooking the old Church of San Francesc.

The bar/restaurant is located in an old finca with lots of atmosphere and character. It serves really good Bocadillos tapas and grilled meats, but my favorite dish is their home made chicken salad. It’s got a lovely terrace to sit back and enjoy the ambiance and location in such a special area. A statue to the men who worked the slat flats is located across the road from the church so its easy to find. You can check out their website here.

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