Swedish Star Avicii AWOL@Booom

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and for one of the worlds top electronic DJ’s, with a current summer smash hit in the bank, Avicci it seems, did not like the taste of Booom at Monday nights delayed Opening party. What is fast becoming the Fawlty Towers of Ibiza clubbing, Booom, failed to deliver its headline act even though the man was in the building at the time. Something serious must be amiss, if a contracted DJ can walk into a club, then just turn around and leave without playing his set? I’m baffled as to how this could happen, so are many other people on the island of Ibiza and afar. I have never seen it occur before, ok, DJ’s can fail to turn up for gigs, but to turn up and then walk out the door without plugging in headphones …..that’s a new one on me. The shoe shine boys for Booom, say it was because Avicci “didnt feel up for it” and “dipped out on his fans and the club by going home”. Word on the street was that Avicii baulked, as there was nobody in the club when he arrived. Unsurprisingly there has been no statement or apology from Booom as to what happened on the night, and their “heads in the sand” PR technique, is not winning them friends or influence.

On the night, the club failed to open on time, with invited guests turned away and asked to come back at 00.45. A pretentious door policy was then employed, with one well known and respected island hack, refused entry due to his attire. In an interview with a cheer-leading website, Danny Whittle, had this to say about door policy at the club, “Its simple….if you have a positive attitude and you look nice you are in. If you wear a tuxedo, but look aggressive, you’re not”. Somebody must have forgot to remind the door staff of this policy as the hack in question is no Mike Tyson. Seb Ingrosso, who must have been booked as a secret weapon to wow the fans after Avicii’s set, played to a growing crowd which started to fill the club after 3am. It would have worked out very well if Avicii had decided to play his set, but this is Bomba, rumoured to be located on a jinxed site and once again the gods of Ibiza, were not with them. I reckon if they ever excavate the ground under the Bomba dancefloor, they will find an ancient Indian burial ground similar to the one on Steven Spielberg’s great movie, Poltergeist.

If I was a betting man (and I am), I would want odds of 16/1 before I would invest a, place only, bet on the club succeeding. With a slow season already been reported in Ibiza, due mainly to the large number of parties desperately competing for business against the backdrop of the current European climate of austerity, the macro environment is not helping Bomba. The VIP market is very fickle and if those circles sniff a bad smell emanating from a venue…. they usually stay well clear of it. The Defected Opening party at the stylish new Eden Venue in San Antonio was a success, and if I owned the label I would not want to be leaving the well managed Eden, for a hotel in Torquay. It’s going to be an uphill struggle for Bomba/Booom for the rest of the season and certain parties on the island of Ibiza will be reassessing their options after what happened on Monday night. We will update on this story if any statement on the issue, is released from either Avicii or Booom, but don’t hold your breath.