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Animusomnis Ibiza. Awaken Your Consciousness

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Written by Dan Kirwan

After years of planning and months of rehearsal, one of the most artistic parties ever to be performed on the island will make its eagerly-awaited  Ibiza debut this weekend at Ocean Beach in San Antonio. The brainchild of the creative half of the iconic Manamussion party, Mike and Claire Mc Kay, Ailien, will boldly go where no Ibiza party has gone before. It enjoys a stellar lineup of talent, including head designer for Gian franco Ferre – Liborio Capizzi. Cirque du Soleil director of acrobatic choreography Ben Pot vin, Madonna’s show directors Rich+Tone Talauega, Hollywood film composer Mark Sayfritz & the man who put the music in GTA Alexander Horton. 

The last time we saw Mike and Claire in Ibiza was at Lio with their Ego party, which featured their daughter Tallulah Rose conceived on the Ibiza stage and possessed of her mother’s personality and beauty. They then launched another successful event, L’ Homme Et La Femme, in their home city of Barcelona. In recent months, they crowdfunded their first book, The Motel, which recounts their hedonistic exploits during the drug and sex-fueled era at the infamous Manumission Motel.

Their new adventure, ANIMUSOMNIS, begins at the Motel after encountering a superior being named AiLIEN. A visit to the wildest party on earth & première of the unfinished Manumission The Movie result in Mike & Claire stepping through a portal into a parallel universe – a hallucinogenic dream state where everything is different: the music, the dance, the fashion, the people, even the letters of MANUMISSION are rearranged into ANIMUSOMNIS (Latin for All Souls)

Mike and Claire McKay have assembled a crew that has the potential to blast away preconceptions of what an Ibiza party should be. The party will be an artistic visual feast melded with a killer DJ soundtrack as Ailien interacts with the Ibiza posse for the first time. Think of the famous scene in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Humanoid contact was initiated with the Devil’s mountain voyagers through five musical notes. AiLien aims to bring it to a whole new electronic level, and it’s an exciting concept to explore.

AiLien aims to bring it to a whole new electronic level, and it’s an exciting concept to explore.

The idea may be challenging for some to grasp as it will revolutionise how we interact with entertainment. In my mind, Mike McKay will resemble a cross between Ming The Merciless and Flash Gordon, while Claire will be my Dale Arden – Princess Leia fantasy. The great thing about art is that it’s all subjective, and the science fiction theme of ANIMUSOMNIS will expand our minds even further.

ANIMUSOMNIS possess all the right stuff, and its crew will push the envelope towards what the next generation of Ibiza party should aspire to. Suppose you are brave enough to travel with them. In that case, the blog has a limited number of complimentary boarding passes available on a first-come-first-served basis for their Opening Party at Ocean Beach this Sunday.

Live long and prosper.

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