Over the past couple of years, Ibiza has been guarding a secret – the premium quality and taste of the natural and organic produce cultivated from the land. This weekend, locals and food producers alike, will come together at Casa Maca to showcase and promote the islands thriving organic food scene. The Amorevore Food and Arts Festival, the first of its kind, is a three day family event that aims to “educate and entertain through a delicious and cutting edge food and arts programme, guided by sustainable principles that will leave a positive legacy for Ibiza and engage the food community across the island on a year round basis” . Currently, Ibiza is experiencing a mini boom in its local food industry, which is predominately made up of small independent producers farming the rich and fertile soil of Ibiza.

The Moors were first to introduce modern farming techniques to Ibiza, noted for the quality of its grapes and pinewood, by building the watering systems, salt plains and fonts that we can still see today. The island of Ibiza was considered a bountiful one by the Phoenicians, Greeks and The Moors, as it strategic position became an important service station for Mediterranean shipping traffic travelling the Mediterranean Basin to Northern Europe route, where spices and silks were traded for tin and codfish that would be preserved in salt from Ibiza – considered white gold at the time. The island was the last stop before ships and boats encountered the wilder waves of the Atlantic Ocean passing the straights of Gibraltar.  Today it’s so refreshing to see a festival celebrating the islands rich food heritage and promoting Ibiza in such a healthy and organic way. Director Of Tourism Ibiza, Vincent Torres, will officially open the festival tomorrow at 1.45pm.

There are so many interesting workshops and talks at the festival including Hierbas, Almond Milk and Honey making classes, alongside debates on Vegan Food and sustainable farming practices. There is a dedicated Kids area packed with a schedual of activities including storytelling, dancing and cooking classes not to mention the street food stalls, tea lounges, music stages and symposium areas all open to the public. Some of the island’s top chefs will be in attendance at the Festival which is supported by local Government and businesses like Cafe Mambo, who are hosting the event at the latest addition to their growing portfolio of businesses, Casa Maca. Be sure not to miss the all fresco “Grill Feast” taking place each evening of the festival. We would really like to wish Amorevore and Casa Maca the best of luck with their new food and arts festival this weekend and commend them for the initiative. Full details on ticket prices, event listings, what’s happening where, and all other details are available by visiting the festival’s website.