Ibiza Roadside Checks on the Increase

  1. When Booking accommodation in Ibiza,LOOK BEFORE YOU BOOK!. It amazes me how often people book a holiday blind, then go researching Tripadvisor Reviews for feedback on the Hotel, only to find thats its not what they thought it would be. So please, check the reviews and ask questions before booking and paying a non refundable deposit. 
  2. Do not Drink or use drugs when driving in Ibiza. In the last two years, there has been a big increase in the number and frequency of roadside checkpoints, as police seriously crack down on drink driving and drug related activities. Car searches with sniffer dogs and testing for illegal substances are now commonplace.
  3. When out and about, lock doors and secure possessions. As in most resorts around the world, where there are Tourists, there is always opportunistic petty crime. It could be the person in the next room that takes advantage of an open window or balcony door. Do not carry large sums of cash or valuables around. Ibiza is a safe tourist destination once normal precautions are taken.
  4. Try not to sit out or sunbathe  in the 12.00 to 15.00 sun, as harmful UV rays are at their strongest during these hours. In July and August it is very hot and humid, so be particularity careful during these months and always ensure that accommodation has Air Con included in the room rate.
  5. Respect the Island and its people and they will respect you. Always try to remember that Ibiza is home to many people, so urinating or vulgar behavior in public areas is not appreciated. Try to speak a little Spanish, making an effort to recognise local culture, no matter how small, garners respect from the locals.
  6. Do Not leave drinks unattended in Bars or Clubs. Always keep them with you and if possible watch them being opened or poured by staff.

Most importantly DO NOT walk on balcony railings or jump in pools when drunk or under the influence of illegal substances. Each year in Ibiza there are numerous incidents of tourist accidents due to stupid, dangerous behavior. The majority end up in Hospital but sadly,  some do not make it back home.

Dont Mess with the Guardia
  1. The locals on the Island are Tolerant but not Permissive. They are open-minded and liberal to new and different styles of behavior and personality, as long as there is a certain amount of discretion adhered to. Many people not from the Island, sometimes mistake Tolerance for Permissiveness, which can easily lead to an overnight stay at the local police station
  2. Ibiza is a hotbed of political and cultural activity. As the Island is small, everybody knows everybody. Its a dog eat dog environment when its comes to buisness on the Island and there is often more territorial squabbles and infighting, than a series of the Sopranos. Catalan, is the predominate, but not exclusive culture
  3. In Ibiza, Tourists may be refereed to as “Turistas” or “Langostas“. Its local slang for the hoards of mainly British, package tourists than descend on the Island each summer. Langosta is Spanish for lobster, which refers to the pale skinned tourists that turn red in the midday sun, while drinking copious pints of Beer…… Alien behavior to the local culture
  4. As in most cases around the world, Big Business has a strong influence on local politics. The indigenous Fiesta Hotels Group, is controlled by the powerful and respected Matutes Family, bankers and high level politicians on the Island, for well over a century
  5. There are three levels of policing in Ibiza. The Policia Local who deal with traffic and minor disturbances, The Policia Nacional, the administrative wing who also deal with major crimes and the Guardia Civil, an armed military style force, not from the local area and stationed in Barracks. They are identified by their green uniforms and berets, and its not always a pleasant experience to meet one on duty. A very important piece of advise, is not to mess with them, as they do not suffer fools gladly especially “Turistas
  6. Do not use an illegal Taxi in Ibiza, as they are not licensed. They are operated by shady characters, driving unsafe vehicles with no insurance. They come with a health warning and are a magnet to local police who hunt them down with vengeance, supported by the local Taxi Association. If it doesn’t have a green light on the roof or a “SP” plate on the back…dont get in them!